Thursday, July 23, 2009

House Party

So, this week about half of the people I follow on Twitter are in Chicago. There's a little thing called the BlogHer conference going on there, and I am sure all those people are having THE BEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

Yes, I am jealous. Not so much about the blogger stuff (as you can see, I'm not the world's *best* blogger), but I am jealous that all of those awesome people that I'd love to meet get to hang out with each other alllll weekend while I have to be content with reading their tweets from the comfort of my home. It is seriously a current life goal to meet some of the amazing women whose words I read every day. And all of them together at once? Must be fantastically ridiculous.

Fortunately for people like me who are home this weekend, there is BlogHer@Home. I was immediately on board for this (HELLO! GIVEAWAYS!), but wasn't sure how it was going to play out. Tonight was the first night of festivities and it was (except for the annoying spammers) amazing! A few of the ladies used their webcams to talk with and it was fun to put voices and faces with the twitter avatars. Some of my friends won the some sweet giveaways, and there are now plans of a trip to Austin to twitpic while Magda gets her ears pierced. All in all a very eventful Thursday night at home.

Okay, for real. Twitter? Webcams? Avatars? Twitpic? We sound like a bunch of freaks, but BlogHer@Home girls? I love us.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Heart Faces - Pets Challenge

This is my first time to enter the "I Heart Faces" challenge, and I am entering a photo of my parents' kitten, Jack. He was about seven months old when this was taken. He is sweet as can be, but he is a MESS!

He has a really pointy face and huge ears, but is cute in his own way. Make sure and head over to iHeartFaces and check out other entries for this and other challenges!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday's Weigh-In

Last week I lost over three pounds and helped the Peach Team be the Shrinkingest Team at The Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans' Summer Challenge. GO TEAM PEACH!

This week included a four day teaching workshop, where we went out to lunch each day, and a holiday weekend that included a party and a day spent relaxing poolside with some friends.

So how did I fare this week? I lost 1.4 pounds! It's not a lot (especially for my weight), but with all the extra stuff going on, I don't think it was bad. I'm slowly learning how to make healthy choices- at home and out at restaurants. I've exercised every day and really thought about the things I eat before I eat them. Look at me, I'm growing (and I'm NOT talking about my waistline)!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If This Happened When I was Nine, This Would Have Been My Favorite Part of the Trip

One thing you need to know about me is that I love animals. And not just puppies and kittens, but all animals (well, not snakes, but who DOES love snakes?? Crazy people, that's who). So the highlight of my trip to Yellowstone in June was all the wildlife sightings. A later post will be dedicated more to the wildlife I saw in the park, but this post is about a kind that's a little more...close to home.

Let me preface this story by saying that we stayed in an historic hotel. The Old Faithful Inn was built in 1904. It remains true to form and the rooms in the older part of the hotel (we stayed in the section that was added in 1914) don't even have private bathrooms in the rooms. You have to walk down the hall to use the restroom or take a shower. There was NO WAY I was re-living that part of college life, so I insisted on staying in the newer addition. It's really cool that the inside and outside of the hotel is made of real logs, so it's very rustic.

We stayed at this hotel for three nights, and on the third night we had a delicious late dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Afterwards, we went up to the terrace to watch Old Faithful go off one last time before bed. Sounds blissfully peaceful, right? Really it was because this hotel DID NOT HAVE TV. At all. No television! Crazy, huh? So I had to resort to enjoying nature and crap.

My mom got to the room first, and when I walked in I heard my mom shriek about some creature moving around on the floor. Figuring it was a roach or something, I was pretty disgusted. Then I laid eyes on the fuzzy gray creature and realized that it was a mouse.

I am from Texas. We don't get mouses in our houses (or mice in our hice). We get ants, roaches and spiders in our homes, but no mice. We had a squirrel in our wall once, and that had previously been my closest encounter with the rodent kind.

My first reaction was to GET IT OUT OF MY HOTEL ROOM! But then I looked it again and the little vermin melted my heart with his itty bitty ears and shiny, beady eyes. I couldn't call the hotel staff and let them kill it. I knew we had to capture him and set him free, so we got some cheerios and a plastic cup and lured the adorable little rodent into our trap.

Cute huh? It was actually my mom who thought of the cup, so I let her claim credit for the capture.

I, on the other hand, got the honor of carrying the little mouse (who I named Chester) downstairs. In a clear plastic cup. Past fellow hotel patrons. To let him outside. I freed Chester near a nice little tree so that he might life a full and happy life, frolicking in the shade with his little mouse friends. I'm SURE he didn't get eaten by a hawk or anything.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday's Weigh-In

Last week I signed up to participate in the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans' Shrinking Days of Summer challenge. I'm on team peach --------->

My starting weight for this challenge (and my Weight Watchers stuff in general) was 264.4, and today I am down to 261.2. This is a loss of 3.2 pounds. WOO!

That is all. Now I'm off to Chili's for dinner with a friend. What I used to get IS MORE THAN MY POINTS FOR ALL DAY. Yeah, "Guiltless Grill" here I come!