Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Twenty One

No, I'm not quite that young, though I may look it (I have a story aout that for another day). The twenty one days challenge (look at the button over there! -->)is another challenge put up by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. These wise women say that it takes twenty one days to create habits (I've heard a few other numbers as well, but 21 sounds good), so we're challenging ourselves to commit to being healthier for twenty one days.

In this challenge, you can choose what to commit to. I've decided to commit to thirty minutes of exercise daily. BOOOOORING! I know, I know, but for real- it's good for you (unfortunately). The idea is that after 21 days you'll be all "I'm used to this! This is easy!" but I'm thinking I'm actually going to be counting down the days....

I'm also committing to taking a daily multivitamin. I know, boring again but I have a very nice, moderately expensive bottle of multivitamins sitting in my cabinet that go un-taken because their owner is muy forgetful.

So after twenty one days, I'll be more fit and full of essential vitamins and minerals, right? Something like that. I did work out today, but I don't think it technically starts until tomorrow. I'll be checking in weekly on Wednesdays and updating on my progress.

Until then...I must go unearth my vitamins.


  1. Hey 30 mins of exercise isn't boring! I think it's a great goal, and who knows maybe you'll get even more time in without realizing it making it a bonus!! :D