Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flying Solo

On Friday, I'll be taking my first all-by-myself plane trip. I am flying to Minneapolis to attend my childhood best friend's baby shower. I'm really excited, but a little anxious for the trip.

I've flown many times before- LA, Denver, Orlando, New York, Atlanta, Albuquerque, and many of these multiple times, but I've never taken a plane trip solo. I graduated and got my first teaching job this time last year. I've spent the year working and earning money for myself, but I really feel like this summer will cement my status in the adult world. This summer I am flying to Minnesota on my own, flying to Miami and going on a cruise by myself for work (I know, my life is hard!), and hopefully buying a house. YIKES responsibility alert!

(It's been my plan for a while to try and buy a house this summer, and we'll see how that goes. Now that I'm more in tune with financial realities, I'm unsure of what kind of loan I'll be able to get, but keep your fingers and toes crossed for me).

Buying a house is a BIG deal, but really I'm feeling more anxious about going on these trips on my own. I have the world's WORST sense of direction and I'm nervous about finding my way in the airports and such. Also, I get car/airsick, so I don't know how I'll do on a boat. The bad part will be- who will take care of me if I do get sick? No mom, no friends, no boyfriend to take care of me in case I need them. I'll have to rely on myself and the kindness of strangers. AHHH!! LACK OF CONTROL!! Scary stuff.

This will be a big and busy summer for me. I'm taking my first (or maybe second or third but it's a significant one nonetheless) step toward adulthood independence with my trip to Minnesota this coming weekend. If I don't get lost or end up on the wrong flight, it'll be I can practically do Anything! Look out world! And also, look out person-who-has-to-sit-next-to-me-on-the-plane. I might just be having an anxiety attack.


  1. Wow, good luck with everything. You get to go on a cruise for work? Dood, so jealous!!!!

    Good luck with the house, I'm 30 and have never owned my own home. I'm hoping to buy within the next few years. I'm working on my credit, lets hope they'll let me.

  2. Hope you had a great trip. And hope your last few days of school are FUN.

    Tag, you're it! Check out my most recent post for the rules!

    If you don't play I will not be offended! LOL