Sunday, June 7, 2009

Six by Six

I got tagged for my first meme! (I honestly have NO idea what meme stands for/means, but I know they're fun to do). I was tagged by Greis, who I am glad I have gotten to know in the past few months. Here goes!

This photo was taken at my cousin Katie's wedding two summers ago. She was marrying a very nice man from Africa and it was so cool to see his family in their traditional African dress. This is my mom and I during the reception. The wedding was in Austin, so my parents had driven up from Austin that morning to attend. It was a nice wedding and I love the photos the photographers took.

The rules of this meme:
1) Go to your photo files
2) Pick the sixth folder (open)
3) Pick the 6th photo
4) Write a story about the photo
5) Tag six people

I don't think I have even six READERS, so I'll just give an open invite to all to participate. It's fun to see what picture you'll end up with!

I'll be around more often lately...SCHOOL'S OUT!:)

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