Saturday, April 18, 2009


Internet, meet Calvin. He is pleased to meet you.

Calvin is my three year old giant grumpy cat. To put it more nicely, he "has lots of personality." He fairly often chooses to express his "personality" with his claws and teeth.

Calvin often expresses displeasure with people petting him, talking to him, picking him up and *gasp* sitting on the same piece of furniture as him. He is a cat that is not afraid to play favorites. To Calvin, I am not Amy, I am HIS PERSON.

I got Calvin at the end of my sophomore year of college as a gift from my childhood best friend, Michelle. She knew I was looking to get a kitten and decided that she was going to get me one for my birthday that May. One afternoon, Michelle called saying that she saw an ad in her college's newspaper (Texas A&M, about an hour and a half away from my college, UT) for FREE KITTENS. I drove down that very evening. Calvin came back to Austin with me in a cardboard box made into a carrier and the rest was history. BFF 4 Lyfe.

At this time, I was in the process of moving from an apartment with three roommates to an apartment with zero roommates. This process was expedited by my procurement of the world's cutest creature. To which my roommate was allergic. Yes, this is a longer, more painful story than I am caring to record here right now. Perhaps for another day. But yes, I did move to my new apartment THAT NIGHT. And, yes, I slept on the floor. But I had MY OWN kitten!

So for my last two years of college, it was just Calvin and me in the apartment. More than I'd like, it was just Calvin because I had Very Important College Things to do, like study. And get drunk. Calvin was always so sweet to me, though, and would follow me from room to room. He spent many an hour sleeping by my feet while I was on my computer, and sometimes he had to get creative about how to stay warm.

Here are some other pictures of Calvin as a baby that are just too adorable NOT to post:

(This was before I went Mac).

And then there was the time that Calvin either tried to off the computer or himself. I'm not sure which.

The point is, now that I'm living with people again, it has become very obvious how fiercely Calvin loves me. He is always by my side and sits on me almost exclusively. He sleeps on my bed and races to see me when I get home from work. He may be a grump, but he is MY grump.


  1. aw...he's cute. we had two cats that we had to find a home for when we moved back to the states in november. i have a hard time thinking about those cats now! we are currently cat and dog sitting for my parents while they are out of town. i love the dog, but i have to say i am partial to the cat. and really she loves me too! when they get back from their trip i might have to get a cat myself. it's the idea of vet bills that gets me!

  2. Yay for you and your blog! yay for you being an adult. Yay for you liking Calvin.... because quite frankly, I probably wouldn't! I can't stand those cats who think they OWN the world. I am so sorry to say, but I think that is Calvin! I have a dog like that! His name is Puppy. He was found, and I doubt if there is any pedigree to speak of. I have to lock him in the garage anytime someone is coming over because he snarls and growls and kicks dirt backwards like a bull. He doesnt' bite, but no one wants to try him. I try to tell him we are a "welcoming" family. he doesn't listen! But you know what... cats are MORE picky and snooty! Just came by to visit. thanks for visiting my blog! (and liking Ellie's shorts!) melanie