Friday, April 10, 2009

Stepping Out into the World

Why, hello there.

I have been an active reader of blogs since last summer. I was in limbo, stuck between college graduation and that great thing called My First Job. So what did I do? Spend hours. And hours. And hours online, basking in my boredom. I don't even remember how it first happened, but I ended up on Dooce and I was sucked in. From there, I saw links to other bloggers, who linked to other bloggers and so I read forever and ever amen. Do you have a blog? I probably read it in the wee hours of July 2008. Twice.

"But Amy, why would you have all of this time on your hands? You seem so smart, beautiful and fun!" Oh, please, stop! I'm blushing. Well, you see, I had just moved back home to the lovely suburbs of Houston. Before, I was living the rock-and-roll lifestyle in Austin, TX while attending the University of Texas (and by "rock and roll lifestyle" I mean student teaching, hanging out with ed major friends and my cat, Calvin). As much as I loved Austin, I just couldn't see myself living there forever. While in Austin, I often longed to be near my childhood home, so I decided to move back. I loved seeing my parents more seeing familiar faces around me, but one problem? Approximately 2.7 twenty somethings live in a five mile radius of my home. So yeah, I had a lot of free time.

Since then, I've met more people and kept much busier, but I've still enjoyed following the lives of some lovely people online (see the links on the right). It seems a little weird, to know so much about these people; to care about their welfare and the welfare of their loved ones, but that's what happens, I guess. I was always a reader, an occasional commenter and recently, a twitter follower. (Oy, twitter is fantastic, but more on that at another time). Recently, I've felt a little tug on me to create one of these blogs for myself. Maybe people would even read it! And comment! And know what kind of food MY cat likes best!

So here we go. Blogworld, I am Amy and these are my thoughts. Please be kind.

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