Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Sweet

Just a quick post... I'm having a hard time finding the energy/inspiration to post during the week! One of my students said the sweetest thing today, though, and I had to share.

Kayla* is one of my students. She has struggled with reading, so she has been in after-school tutoring, recess tutoring, specialized reading programs...the works. She's made a lot of progress this year, but I'm keeping her in these programs so we can see even more growth. She's a hard worker and a sweet girl.

Today, the kids' prompt for writing was, "Write about a time that someone was kind to you." (Our life principle of the week is kindness). I have the kids write, then I call on a few lucky ones to come sit in the author's chair and share with the class. Kayla got to share today. In her story, she was talking about another boy in the class, James*. He had been in tutoring with Kayla earlier in the year, but tested out a month or so ago.. Kayla said:

"James was my tutoring buddy. I still have friends in tutoring, but it's different now. When James was in tutoring, the room just popped! I miss having him there."

Seriously, nine year old? Did you just describe something as abstract as the emotion and aura a person brings to a setting?? I was amazed and my eyes filled with tears. It makes me so proud when my babies are supportive of each other. I love those darn kids.

*The names of my students have been changed to protect their identities.

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